Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Foundation to "Fit Me"!

When I saw that Maybelline was coming out with a new liquid foundation with a VERY wide range of shades, I felt drawn to it and HAD to try it! So, me being an impulse buyer I saw it in the store and I bought it.

My shade is 120 what's yours? =] 

So, I first checked my local CVS, and they did not have any in! Then, I checked another store, because I HAD TO HAVE IT! I finally found it in my second location. Now, in the commercials they emphasize on having a ton of different shades to be able to "fit" any skin tone, so I was expecting the shades to go from the top of the aisle to the floor, but I was disappointed! There were about 10 shades, and 120 was the lightest they had. The absolute lightest shade Maybelline carries in this line is 110 and that is in Porcelain. 

Meet the back of my hand! 
(I know not the best place to match colors, but I already apllied makeup on my face)
As you can see, my skin tone is quite fair, and in need of the summer color! Also, you can obviously see that the shade does not match my color, but I was surprised that when I blended the foundation out, you could not tell there was a color difference. 

With the bottle just being open, the main thing to be careful of is having too much of the product pour out! (I have just been using a sponge applicator to apply it) 

The formula is very watery, but covers well, and because it is watery it doesn't take much to cover your face. The only thing I do not like about this foundation is, it does not cover my blemishes. When I cover my blemishes with concealer and then put this foundation on, it takes the concealer right off, even if I pat it on. I have even tried applying the foundation and then my concealer, and my blemish still does not get covered. 
Also, this foundation has very nice staying power on my skin, with and without primer, which is another plus! 
The last perk I have about this product is that it has SPF 18 (which I think is a weird number), but anything with SPF in the summer is a big PLUS! 

 xx Jessie

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