Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 02!!

I'm so excited it's day two of the 30 day challenge!!

Day 02 — Your favorite purse/bag that you own

I had a few bags to choose from, and I decided that since it said "purse/bag", this one would qualify!
So my favorite bag I own is...

This bag from Kathy Van Zeeland! 
This bag is too big for me to use it as a every day purse. So, I mainly use it while at my university to hold my books, notebooks, pens, Nook, and anything else. I have also used it as an overnight bag! 

I bought this a few years ago, so I'm not sure if you can still purchase this design anywhere in stores.

 The best thing about when I bought this, is the price! Instead of paying the full price, which is a few hundred dollars, I paid about $60 at Marshalls.

If you don't know what Marshalls is, it is a store that receives shipments of designer merchandise that stores either bought too much of, was slightly damaged, not in season, or was not up to the stores standards, and sells them at a discounted price. It is absolutely legitimate, and there is nothing wrong with saving a little bit of money! 
The most important thing while shopping at TJ Maxx,Marshalls, Ross, Stein Mart, or any of this type of store, is that you have to thoroughly check out what you are buying. You don't know if it was damaged, or just an overload of product! 

This bag has a two outer pockets, and three inner compartments. The middle compartment has a zipper enclosure, the whole bag closes with a magnetic snap. 

I love Kathy bags, they last forever. They will get normal wear and tear, like any other bag, and it is animal friendly, because it is faux leather! 


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