Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 04!

I promise I have a favorite this time!!

So, day 4...

Day 04 — Your favorite foundation

Philosophy; The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas
My shade is Natural Ivory.

I would have taken a picture of mine...but, the poof is kind, the picture above is from

I really like this foundation because, when apply it on my face, I feel like it does give a airbrushed look. The only down side is the poof applicator. It does get gross and there is really no way to clean it. But, you can take the poof top off, and just take a powder brush and apply it that way. (Which is what I have been doing lately!) 

Sephora says this foundation is a foundation, concealer, powder, and SPF all in one. I agree with all of them, except the concealer part. I still find myself having to apply concealer before this foundation. 

Overall, I recommend this foundation 100%! 

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