Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 09 and 10!

I'm falling behind on this challenge! But, challenges are not meant to be easy.

So, day 9;
Your favorite pair of shoes

These are my favorite pair of flats!
 I bought these from Journeys for $20! 
There was another style, and they were black and white, in a traditional nautical style of tattoo art. 
(They are still on my list for my birthday tomorrow!) 
They are by "Iron Fist", and are surprisingly comfortable (even without my insoles!) 

Day 10;
 Current fashion/style you like

The current style I am loving is a more sophisticated look. I was trying to find a picture of an example, but I failed. Since I am finishing up at my university in December, I have started to look more into a career wardrobe. 
My wardrobe now is comfortable with jeans, tee shirts, and flow-ey tops. 

What are your favorite stores to shop from? Any suggestions for my career-ware? 

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