Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello Beautiful Cake Boss! **ATTENTION LOST FANS!

Hey girls,
If you didn't know, I turned 22 on June 11th! But, I haven't celebrated due to the fact that everyone was working. So, tomorrow we are finally having a barbeque, and kinda a family get together.

Here is a little unknown fact about me, that is really unknown to you the readers, is that I LOVE to bake!

I have three careers I would want to persue, which are;

  • Television Show Producer (First choice)
  • Resident Director (Second Choice)
  • Pastry Chef (Third Choice)
I could combine them all together and be a pastry chef, on my TV show that I produce, and it could be in a dorm building!! (just kidding)
Here is the logo we went off of. 

Here is the cake my boyfriend and I made for tomorrow!
J+J = Jessie and Jason, were both 22.
Dharma is a reference to the TV show LOST (if you didn't know!)

I know this is a beauty blog, but I was so impressed with myself I wanted to show you all! 

I used the new Wilton Sugar Sheets for the black parts, and regular icing for the white part. 

Do you all like to bake? What's your favorite thing to bake (or even eat!)?
P.S; I promise next post will be about beauty!!

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