Friday, July 1, 2011

**Disturbing Post** Where does Musk come from?

Hi Girls!!
Just giving a heads up, this post is going to be pretty disgusting and disturbing, if you don't already know where Musk comes from. 

Yes, I'm talking about the musk that is in some perfumes and colognes! 

If you wish to proceed, remember you can stop at anytime. I just really had to inform everyone I can about this! 
I promise no pictures. 

Ok, If your reading this far, than you are brave (or curious) enough to find out where Musk comes from.

While I was working, I smelled a product and it kind of had a 'musk' smell. Which actually was not musk, it was a natural oil from a plant. Then, my manager asked me if I knew where actual musk came from. I didn't know, but at the time I didn't want to know. 

Curiosity killed the cat...or at least made it nauseous in this case! 

I decided to look it up online. What I found was that, musk comes from an animal called musk deer. It looks like a deer, and it is only found in the males. The actual musk is located in sacks that are between their navel and genital area. 

The purpose for these deer to have the musk sacks, is to attract their mates, and to establish their territory. 

Anyway, The deer are then killed, and the sacks are taken out. Sometimes they are killed illegally, and brutally. I guess sometimes they can die of natural causes and then the sacks can be removed then as well. 

The sacks have to be cut open, and everything in side is dried into a black powdery substance, and then mixed with alcohol to make the perfume. 

Now, that makes me sick to my stomach! I never liked the smell of musk, but now I dislike it even more! 

Keep in mind, that there are natural musk like scents from plants, and plant oils. You are just never sure which one your really getting. (Unless the company is an all natural company)

I know it seems like I am on a animal safety kick, but what can I say...I have a soft spot for them! Plus, I do not want to be spraying anything that comes from animal sacks on me!!

Gross right?? Did you know that about musk?!


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