Friday, July 22, 2011

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY (guy edition!)


Hey girls!
So, I decided to post a colone today. Guys need to smell good too right?! If your thinking of getting your guy something special this is a perfect!

This colone is from American Eagle, and my guy loves it ( it doesn't hurt that I like it on him, we both win!).
American Eagle 77

So, I'm going to try my hardest to describe this scent to you. It's musky (but not a bad strong musk), woodsy, and kind of sweet.
I think a guy can wear this all year round, day or night. It's very versatile.

This lasts on my boyfriend all day. He works a night shift, so he sprays it on at about 10PM and I can still smell it on him when he gets home at 8AM. That is pretty good staying power for a clothing store brand!

It also travels. This cologne leaves a trail, where ever he was, you can smell the spray for a few minutes after he was there. So, it does not stay close on the skin. I hate that which some colognes and even some perfumes, if they stay close to your skin, there is no reason to wear them because no one can smell it unless they are invading your personal space, and right on you.

Sadly, American Eagle discontinued this cologne from their collection, but you can still get it at select locations on clearance, ebay, amazon, and a couple of other websites online.

What is your man's favorite go to cologne?!

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