Monday, July 25, 2011

How I get sweet soft lips!

This is the sweetest way to get rid of dry lips, ever!!!!

LUSH came up with a vegan (no animal products used i.e eggs, beeswax, honey, etc.) product to keep your lips in tip top shape.
It is their lip scrub, and get's made out of sugar! So, after you scrub your dead skin away you lick the scrub off! Yum!

They come in three flavors; 

  • bubblegum (which just tastes like candy)
  • chocolate (they call it sweet lips)
  • mint chocolate (mint julips, my favorite!)

At first you might be a little weirded out that your able to eat it, that it's scrubing away dead skin...and that you might be eating the skin...BUT, you eat dead skin and bugs without even knowing it anyway! Why not enjoy it with sugar!

The scrubs also have jojoba oil in it which gives a little moisture to your lips.

5 reasons why you would want to use a lip scrub;
  1. If you wear a lip color you want it to go on smoothly and not get stuck in a crack created by dead skin.
  2. You want to have your lips in tip top shape for that summer romance (or your loved one you've had for awhile!) 
  3. When your lips are smooth and you're in a lazy mood, your natural lip color will be more even! No need for extra product. 
  4. If your lips get sunburned you don't have to wait for them to peel and go through the gross process.
  5. To have a sweet treat!
If you have a Lush store near you, be sure to check these out!! They are AMAZING! and great for all ages!! Also, it costs $8.95 which is a really good price, because you don't use a lot to scrub! This lasts a LONG LONG LONG LONG...did I say long? TIME!! 

Are you a Lushie? What is the one Lush product you cannot live without!?

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