Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Swap; Sara's Philosophy Purity Review

Hi everyone!!
As you may or may not know, when I started this, blog I joined a website called 20 Something bloggers ( and they have blog swaps which is when they partner you up with someone, then you write a post for your partners blog. (Pretty much guest blogging in a nutshell.)

My partner is Sara; you can check out her blog here!
She blogs about her life, and everything that goes with that. Check her out =]

Anyway!! Here is the blog swap post!! Enjoy!

Hey Readers,

I’m Sara and I recently met Jessie through a Blog Swap on 20 Something Bloggers. I love the setup she has of giving reviews about products she digs. I also <3 Lush, so I’m an instant fan. If any of my blog readers stopped by here (‘sup!), they know that I normally don’t give reviews—especially about beauty products. My posts are usually filled with sarcasm and self-deprecating humor, but that does not mean that I don’t have a few favorite products. Actually, I have one product that I’m swear by. I’m so loyal to it that I ordered it internationally when I lived in Chile and then paid an exorbitant amount to have it liberated from customs after they confiscated it. *Sigh* Long story. My friends teased me for weeks.
What is that product, you may ask? 
It’s Purity soap by Philosophy. 

I swear that before this I was a Neutrogena girl--and there is nothing wrong with Neutrogena--but it never occurred to me to go a bit higher-end on face soap. Then my grandmother of all people gave me a bottle as a present (ironically, she usually spots a trend before I do).

It’s nice, silky, and lathers brilliantly. As a rule, I have super sensitive skin and I’m allergic to everything, but not this. Philosophy fills it full of good, natural ingredients. Once, I went to purchase it at a department store and the clerk began to expound on the many virtues of Purity; the one that caught my attention was: “It just melts the impurities away!” Okay, now you’ve just heard how much I love this stuff, but “melts”?  I don’t know about you, but that does not conjure up images of purity for me, more like ER visits. No thanks! I think a better way to say it would be:  “It takes your drab, old skin and improves it. Texture. Tone. Everything!” For real. And, no, I haven’t been paid to write this.
The best part is that when you buy a big bottle like…ahem…I may have, it lasts forever. You need only a tiny amount.

Seriously, if you get the urge to try something new and want a face soap that just may change your life, try Philosophy’s Purity. Just don’t order it while you are living in another country :p

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