Saturday, August 6, 2011

D.I.Y Homemade palette!

Hey girls! I know was Friday and there was no fragrance Friday post! I'm sorry!
But, I started a special project! I made a homemade palette out of a jewelry box!

This took me about an hour once I got everything together! An hour of my time is well worth saving about $40! (Even if I did ruin my freshly painted nails!)

I was sitting watching TV and thinking about my makeup collection. I've really been wanting a palette so I could depot my eye shadows and blushes, and have them in one spot. As some of you might know, palettes can be very expensive, so I wanted to make my own.

I headed to YouTube and watched a few videos on it. Some were using a DVD case, a CD case, and there was one were you made your own box. I didn't like how the DVD and CD cases looked, and I didn't have the supplies to make my own box, so I turned to my brainstorming.

I started out searching for magnets. A magnet roll would be ideal, but since I was starting this at midnight  my local craft store was closed, and my boyfriend had the car! Instead, I used some old square refrigerator magnets. Then, I heated up my glue gun. The only problem now was, I didn't have something as the palette! I walked upstairs to the dining room, and the answer to my problem was on the dining room table!

An old jewelry box! 
I grabbed the box before anyone could protest they wanted the box, and I went to work! 

I hot glued the magnets to the inside of the box.

Then, I grabbed a sharp knife and started to pry out my Sephora eyeshadows. They came out extremely easily! When I went on to my MAC shadows, that's when I had to turn to a beauty guru! One of my faves Fleur (FleurDeForce) did a video a while ago on how to depot MAC eyeshadows, (you can watch it here

A few of my empty containers! 
The only ones I had to struggle with was my Nars blush, a Stila palette, and a e.l.f palette. The only reason I took those eyeshadows out of their palettes was because they were cardboard and foam palettes. The whole point of making this palette was to have everything together! 

My Stila palette got destroyed somehow and when I finally found it 3 out of the 6 were crumbled to pieces, but I saved the other 3! 
The e.l.f palette, the pans were so fragile, and they kept wanting to bend! So, I had to be extra gentle! 

The final product!

Some of the shadows were already magnetized, but for the ones that weren't, I cut a small piece of extra magnet I had and hot glued it on the back of the eyeshadow pan, and voila! It's magnetized! 

I'm happy with it in the end. The point was to have everything together, and it does just that! 

Do I wish it was prettier...Yes, but I'm still tweaking it! My plans for it in the future, I'm going to decorate the outside a little. 

I'm eager to let you girls know how it works out! 

Have you made your own palette?! I want to see it!! 


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