Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NYC Fashion

Hey everyone!
Today was my first day as an intern. I am not disclosing where until I'm finished, but what I can say is, it's in New York City.
I finally get to work (somewhere) in NYC!
Anyway, while at my internship I was people watching (because I was early, not because I am a creeper) and I noticed some cute fashion going on!

I don't know if it was the setting I was in, and the company, but it was cute!
Since I'm not a creeper, I didn't sneak pictures of them. But, I found some looks online that are pretty similar.

I absolutely love flats, and I found these really cute ones at Payless. These are by Lower East Side and cost $16.99. Almost every woman in the building was wearing flats.

 I have absolutely no idea who makes this bag, I just googled it and it was one of the first images. But, these bags are really in this fall. Especially the tan color. Any bag with buckles, and is tan, you will see A TON of them. 
 An accessory that I personally have been loving also are scarves. I saw so many girls rocking their scarves. I was bummed because that morning I left without mine! (The bus was freezing, so I REALLY wanted it!) This scarf is from Forever 21 and costs $8.80. 
Finally, this girl walked by me in this really cute outfit. She had a light blue button down shirt tucked into a navy skirt. It was unbelievable cute, I had to tell myself to stop staring! (I also don't know where this outfit is from. I googled it also =] Sorry! ) 

This is my first fashion post. I know I have a lot to work on, but if you would like to see more fashion posts, let me know in the comments.

Well, tomorrow is another intern day, so off to NYC I go!

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