Friday, September 23, 2011

What has this world come to?

Hey everyone,
I'm warning you now, this has nothing to do about makeup or fashion. But, it does have to do with beauty inside and out.
I attend a university where I am the minority, the only reason I am making that clear is because this is about diversity and interracial relationships (friends and couples).

 I was sitting in the university's student center waiting for my boyfriend, and I saw a really happy couple. I could see they were so excited to see each other, and it was genuine. I couldn't help smiling.
Other than the occasional PDA, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

But, apparently other people did. People were staring at the couple because the girl was black and the boy was white. When I say staring, I mean STARING. People from outside were trying to look in the windows, people going in and out of the dining hall almost running into each other, because they weren't paying attention to their original path.

Everyone who was staring weren't just students, there were Professors, workers, people who have their PhD's. From all different races and ethnicity's.

I'm truly ashamed that this happens still. We are all human, who cares what color we are. What society has labeled normal, should not be normal.

Why is it wrong if I, a white woman, were to date a black/asian/middle eastern etc. man? And why would it be 10 times worse if I were gay?

Everyone beautiful for who they are, no matter if they are beautiful inside,outside, or both. I think everyone should be able to date who they want or even associate themselves with whoever they please.
This story ends with the couple being uncomfortable and leaving the location. As I continue to sit here, things have gone back to "normal". No one is running into each other due to staring, and no one is trying to look into the windows.

But, now there is a couple who feels uncomfortable, and it may be the decision maker if they stay together or not.

I know happiness is my ultimate goal, why can't it be theirs too?


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