Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Nails!

Hi Everyone!!

I know this is after the Thanksgiving holiday, but this can be applied to any holiday! It's a nail tutorial! (a very simple one at that!)

I hope you all had a very special holiday, and now, while you're still digesting your feast, read on to find out what I used!

The only two colors I used were both Sinful Colors;

Espresso   and   Cloud 9

Here is what the finished look looks like. I used Espresso on every nail except my ring finger. Then, I used Cloud 9 on my ring finger for an accent nail. I used two coats for both colors.

Then with the opposite color that was the base color, I used the normal nail color brush applicator, and carefully painted a diagonal stripe!

For the stripe I kept applying until I got the opacity I wanted. 

For a top coat I used my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat (which I could not find in my suitcase to picture!) 

This look is pretty cheap too!! Sinful Colors usually are $1.99 each! 

There will be more Holiday looks as we count down to Christmas!! 
Have fun with your families! 


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