Monday, February 13, 2012

Nerium AD!

Hello wonderful people!

I was contacted to review a product called Nerium AD, which is to reduce signs of aging, such as age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.
Now, I'm only 22 years old, and I don't have a lot of aging to reverse. But, I do have a lot of fine lines on my hands, which I don't like, especially when I'm swatching a product!

If you've been following me on twitter, you know that my face has been freaking out, because my skin type is currently changing. I used to be normal/combination, but now I'm dry/normal. I was very hesitant with applying Nerium AD to my face since my face was already freaking out, and breaking out, and I couldn't control it.

Then, I was especially hesitant, because you're not supposed to apply your moisturizer before applying the product, or after without letting it sink in. My face without moisturizer is a disaster, it gets red and blotchy, really warm, and I break out within a few hours.

So, I made a mistake and applied Nerium AD after my moisturizer. The reasons why you shouldn't combine them are the ingredients in your moisturizer might have negative effects with Nerium AD, and with your skin.

I decided to take my before and after pictures with foundation swatched on the skin, because I find that with this foundation, it just seeps into the fine lines and it really defines them more, so you can really see the before and after effects!

Before; Maybeline Fit Me foundation 120 [Jan. 23, 2012]
After; Maybeline Fit Me foundation 120 [Feb. 6, 2012]

As you can see my skin looks healthier, and the foundation sits on my skin much smoother, and doesn't seep into those lines I had anymore, because they have been reduced! 

Of course, there are still lines and all, because 1) I'm not made out of plastic, and 2) I only used it for 2 weeks and then took the after picture! 

If you put everything into perspective, having results after 2 weeks, it's amazing. A lot of products out there will give you results, after you buy 2 bottles and after a year of using it. 

Here is another set of before and after pictures of the woman who contacted me about the review! 
I decided to add this since I did not show a picture of the results on a face! 

The cool thing about Nerium AD, there are ways you can get your bottle of Nerium AD free!! 

It's called the "3UR Free" plan.
"Personally sponsor at least 3 Preferred Customers whose
Auto-Delivery Order totals the same amount or more than
your Auto-Delivery Order,* and your order is FREE.** If your
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To learn more about Nerium AD, and to purchase your own wonder in a bottle,              click here.

What are your thoughts about this breakthrough product?


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