Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sigma Premium Professional Kit

How are you lovelies today?!

I'm sure most of you have heard/read/used Sigma products before, so I won't beat that drum anymore than it already has been!

But, if you haven't, Sigma is an awesome, and high quality brand, that doesn't get enough love in our beauty community! They have everything you could want or need to feel even more gorgeous, than you already are.

Anyway! They have released the ultimate professional kit, for a very reasonable price!

I know I'm tired of trying to create a look, and find out my brushes that I have, just aren't giving the effect I want! So, what would be better than to have a complete 15 brush collection, with an amazing case!

Included are 7 face brushes, 7 eye brushes, and 1 lip brush, and of course the case!

Some of the brushes that are included are a lip brush, tapered highlighter brush, blending brush, an eyeliner brush, and more [11 more to be exact!]

Click on the picture above to view the complete list of what brushes are included!

Isn't this case beautiful!? the brushes are so comfy and safe in there, and it's compact! Awesome for traveling, you don't have to decide which brushes are coming with you, because now they all can! 

If you were to buy these brushes individually, it would add up to $193, without a case. 

You can buy this kit for $149, save money, and get a case!! [I think I'm a little obsessed with the case...]

Keep in mind that you get a free gift when you spend $30, so YOU GET A FREE GIFT!!  

Have you used/heard of Sigma before?! 


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