Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty Swap - UK

Happy weekend everyone!! If you follow me on twitter, then you know that I did a beauty swap, with the very lovely Kristina (Be-YOU-tiful beauty blog) Don't you just love the name of her blog!? 

Anyway, we met through twitter, and she lives in the UK, and as we all know, the UK and US have different things, and when we have the same things, one country is cheaper than the other country! We discussed what we liked color wise for certain things, and this is what she put together!!

First are the Soap and Glory items! the only thing I used from the line is the Hand Food, which I like, and every time I go to Sephora, I eye up the Soap and Glory items, but they are so over priced in the US! So, she was so nice and got me two things, and they were the two that I wanted to try!! 
(she didn't know that!)

Righteous Butter and then the Scrub 'em and Leave 'em Body Buff

Then another line I wanted to try was MUA, and she sent me two things. 
The eye shadow sadly shattered, but I will still use it! 

 Then there was a brand that I never heard of, which is awesome, and they were two Miss Sporty eye shadows! They are both slightly shimmery, and the purple is so pretty!


Then there were the nail polishes! I've become such a nail polish collector, and anytime I can try new ones, I get really excited! 

This color is such a pretty color, my camera doesn't do it justice! This is a perfect spring time color!

Then!!!!!!!! I've always wanted to try Barry M nail polish! So many people love them, and I want to find out for myself! Now I can!! 

Kristina picked out the perfect shades! I love the pale lilac color, and the bright pink! 
[Also, perfect spring colors!]

Then, she added this yummy Mango and Papaya body spray! Here in the US, we can get our hands on some boots items, but obviously, the UK has a bigger variety! 
This gets me in the summer mood!

Something that I was so shocked about, what this super pretty necklace she included! I don't know how, but I love things like this!! The combination of feathers, with the metal feather embellishment, with a bright turquoise bead, is absolutely something that I will wear in spring and through summer! 

Lastly, she threw in some "sweets" as she called them =] 

and then the makeup bag! 

She didn't know it, but I was also in the market for a new makeup bag! 

I feel like her and I understood each other even though we didn't discuss in detail what to get each other, and we never really had a conversation before establishing this swap! So, it was cool that we had so much in common! 

Here is the link to her post, with what I sent her! [Beauty Swap -USA Style!]

If you're not following her already, you should! 

Live in the UK? Which one is your favorite?
Live in the US? Which one have you heard of, and have wanted to try?! 


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