Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Everyday Facial Cleanser; LUSH Aqua Marina!

Hello beauties!

So, I've mentioned before that my skin has been acting up on my face, and it was due to my thyroid medicine, and it having hormones in it!

I was previously using Angels on Bareskin from LUSH, and then switched back to L'Oreal 360 for sensitive skin, and now, I have a new love for washing my face!!

Aqua Marina from LUSH!

For those of you who are not Lushies, Lush has 5 facial cleansers, and there is one just right for you! [yes, you.] All Lush products are handmade and natural as possible, so you don't have to worry about chemicals, and all that bad stuff that is going on your face. Although, if you are allergic to a natural thing, like lavender, then you need to warn a Lush Associate, so they can steer you away from things that contain that ingredient! 

Anyway! Aqua Marina is a Calamine face cleanser, and is wrapped in seaweed! 

As you can see, on the left side of the container, you can see the seaweed! 
[And, that's Anthony on the sticker, the dreamy man who made that batch of Aqua Marina!]

To use any of the clay based cleansers you just need about a pea size amount! 
I usually then wet my face, and then keep it between my two fingers just like in the picture and start applying it on my face in a circular motion. Then, it starts flattening out, but still stays between my fingers. That way, I don't have to worry about it falling and going down the drain! 

Since it is a clay and calamine base cleanser, it doesn't foam or lather, and it just go into a creamy consistency. 
Foaming and lathering cleansers dry out your skin, so that's why Lush doesn't have many cleansers that foam or lather for your face. 

This is an amazing cleanser for skin that is confused, and doesn't know what it's supposed to do. 

But, I suggest going to your local Lush store, or calling when you order to get some suggestions for your skin type. Because I promise, there is one for you! 

Tell me your thoughts in a comment! 
Have you tried a Lush cleanser before? Hate it, love it?!
Want to try one, but don't know which one?! I can even suggest one for you! 


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