Monday, March 12, 2012

Sigma Spa Solutions Complete Kit

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week!!

I have another amazing deal from Sigma!! If you missed the first post about the complete makeup brush kit, here is the link to that post. [Sigma Premium Professional Kit]

This deal blows the Clarisonic Mia out of the water! [The shower/bath/sink water to be exact]

Sigma has recently released a complete Spa Solutions kit, for only $59!

This kit includes everything you need to get your face and body super smooth and clean!
So, of course the main, and most important part of the kit is the wand. The rest of the extras wouldn't matter [or work] with out it!
It comes in this cute case, that will protect, the wand and the brushes. As you can see, the case also holds 3 brushes, which is amazing if you travel with it, then you don't have to worry about your brushes getting smushed at the bottom of your bag, and you don't have to decide which one you're going to take, and which to leave home! 

These are the 3 brushes the wand comes with! 
Perfect for body exfoliation!
Daily facial cleansing and polishing

This is good for deep exfoliation of the extra dry spots on your body!

Then along with the wand and those 3 brushes, it comes with 3 more additional extra add ons! 

Awesome for heels!
Great for gentle daily cleansing for sensitive skin
Massager to help product absorb faster into the skin! and to improve circulation
So, like I said this gives the Clarisonic Mia and run for it's money, and you can now probably understand why! 

The Claisonic Mia costs $119 and it only comes with one brush head! 

The Sigma equivalent only costs $59 dollars, and comes with 3 brush heads, and 3 more attachments! 

If you aren't interested in the 3 additional add ons, you can certainly just get the wand [which still comes with the 3 brushes] for $39.

Each of the brushes individually are $9 so getting a replacement, won't cost you an arm and a leg either! 

And if you already have the wand, they have the extra add ons for $29! 

Ok, now I'll break it down for you.

To get the wand, and then the 3 extra attachments would be $68
So, by getting the complete kit, you save $10! 

If you were to buy the Clarisonic Mia for $119, and then buy the 2 [$25 each]  brushes that it doesn't come with it, it would be $169

I think Sigma Spa Solutions is the better deal. What do you think?

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