Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Time Eyeshadows!

Happy Spring everyone! 

First of all, I've noticed some new followers, so I wanted to say a special 'Hello' to all of you! 

Now, on with the topic of the day! 

Since spring is here, and all the colorful pastel flowers will be blooming, and we all break out our most loved fruity, and floral perfumes. But, why just smell spring and summery, when you can look spring and summery too!! 

I've been going through my collection lately, looking for some colors I can finally take out of my drawer, and bring into the light [wonderful sun shine that is!] Sadly, I couldn't find any that I loved, and wanted to create a look out of, so I hit the internet, and went searching for eyeshadows, and I found a palette! 
This is the Flare palette from Sigma! Look at those amazing bright colors that are PERFECT for spring and summer! There are also some dark colors to make a smokey look. 

This palette also comes with a brush, technically it's two brushes in one! 
It's the E55 Shader brush [$9]
and the E40 Tapered Blending brush [$11]

As you all know in my other posts about Sigma deals, I usually break it down how much everything is individually, but in this case, Sigma does not sell the eye shadows individually! So, I could only break down the brush price. 

So, all in all, this palette goes for $35 on Sigma's website. 
Remember though, when you spend $30 you get a free gift! 

I can't choose which color is my favorite, but I know I'm loving 
"Oversee" the blue color
"Define"the green color
"Allure" the purple
"Resist" the maroon

This will without a doubt be in my collection, and be a staple palette for me this season and the next! 

What colors do you see yourself wearing?! 


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