Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Candle

Hello all you lovely people out there! 

I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but here it is raining so badly! 

My dog hates rain, but especially hates the thunder and lightning, so she is cuddled up with my legs in fear that it might thunder! 

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Anyway! Onto the review! 

After Christmas I went into Bath and Body Works because I knew their candles were on sale, and I had a few favorites from Christmas time that I wanted. Then, I saw in their spa/aromatherapy line that they had a stress relief candle. It wasn't on sale, but I was interested to see if it worked, so I bought it.

It was the only candle in the line, that smelled even remotely nice [to me anyway].

It was in the scent of Vanilla Verbena

I picked a stress relief candle because, at that time, I just finished college, and I was still stressed from staying up all night editing projects, and going into NYC for my internship, so I needed to relax! 

The first time I lit it, I noticed the smell was strong, and very fake smelling. I know what you all are thinking...'Yes, Jessie, it smelled fake, because it's synthetic fragrances!' I know, but, some of their candles don't smell fake, they smell like you want to eat them! 

I guess it's only strong because it's supposed to be aromatherapy. But, to be honest, it was burning my sinuses. 

Then, my family and I had a funeral to attend, and I lit it, and sat it in the dining room, thinking maybe it will help other people. I don't think it did. 

Does the candle do what it says? No. 

I believe if a scent is going to relax you, you have to be able to enjoy it. I enjoy the smell of vanilla, but not this. I would rather burn my Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie candle to relax, than this. 

What scent makes you relax??


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