Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March Favorites!!

Hello Everyone!!

I know there was a little hiatus for awhile. I don't want to bore you with excuses, but if you want to know, I was very busy with work for these past few weeks. I had to go through special training sessions, and I didn't have a day off for two weeks! So, I had to have some times to de-stress and get my thoughts together.

Anyway!! I had a lot of products I was very fond of in the month of March, so I thought I would do a favorites post!

To start off, the foundation I've been using everyday!! I found the No. 7 line at Target, which I thought was interesting, because it's a UK brand from boots! But, I loved that I could try it out.

I was deciding between two colors, and finally decided on 10 New Ivory. This doesn't match my skin tone when I first apply it, but when I let it sit on my skin for a few minutes, it looks totally normal! It's medium-full coverage. 

Then I found the No. 7 Extravagant Lashes mascara.

Of course I got it in black. I'm not very fond of this mascara, because instead of making my lashes extravagant, it makes them clumpy. But, I figured out a way to work with it, and I'll explain that in another post, or video! 

Then, I discovered a new concealer! 

Milani's HD Advanced Concealer. I picked this up at CVS, and I believe it was only $8?

So, on the bottom of the tube there is a little clicky button, to dispense the concealer, like a pen. The tip of the tube has a little brush. It reminds me of a Stila Lipgloss tube! 

My favorite perfume of the month is, LUSH's perfume that came out around Valentines Day called 25:43. At first I didn't like it because it was was too citrusy, but after I put in on my skin and let it breathe, it smelled like french toast on me! It's so good! [I liked it so much that I have two sizes of it!]

Then, my favorite face care item of the month is LUSH's Tea Tree Water Toner! My face just drinks it up when I spray it on. 

My last two favorites are pairs of earrings. I've been really into mismatched earrings for some reason, and so I had inspiration one day, and I decided to make some! So, this is the outcome. They are post earrings. I always make my earrings with surgical steel posts, because I am allergic to fake metals. Surgical Steel is playing it safe, because after is was surgical tools are pretty much made from =] 

Anyway, these aren't for sale yet, but when they are, I will be sure to let you all know, and provide a link! If you want to know exactly the day they come out, follow me on twitter! @HelloJessieM

Last bit of info! Android just got Instagram, so I've been Instagram-ing like CRAZY!! If you want to follow me, my name is Jessie_Mariem

Do you Instagram? Were any of my favorites your favorites this month? Do you like my earrings?! 
Let me know <3

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