Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Heart Nail Art

Oh, and that title rhymed!

So, way back before Valentines Day, my sister was visiting from Florida and showed me a picture that was on the Essie facebook fan page. I liked it so much that I took my nail polish off and decided to try and recreate it! I also did it for my sister too, but we couldn't be too matchy matchy, so we did different base colors!

[Hello sister Amanda's hand] She used Essie's "Nice is Nice" as her base color, which is my favorite color for any season. She has a similar skin tone to me [we are sisters after all] and it just looks so good! 

As my base color, I used OPI's "Mod-ern Girl"

Then, to create the heart, I don't have a white color in regular polish, so I used my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White! You can find them anywhere that you can find Sally Hansen nail polish =] 

I really loved this nail art. It's not too busy, it's very subtle, girly, and fairly easy to do! 

Could you see yourself rocking this look?

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