Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LUSH Emotional Brilliance; Eyes Right

Well hello lovelies!

Attention Vegans!! You might want to read this post!

As you may, or may not, have heard, Lush Cosmetics, launched a whole new range of products called Emotional Brilliance.

It has been a huge secret, up until Saturday, July 21st!!

I was able to pick up a few things, and I wanted to share with you all!

In the last few years Lush has been getting more popular, the more people would upload hauls on YouTube, and posted blog posts about their favorites. But, Lush has always been a cosmetic company, but only for body cosmetics.

Then comes, Emotional Brilliance.

Lush Cosmetics, is now a complete cosmetic brand! They just launched a whole range of "skin care with color".

Yes, it is makeup, but it's doing so much more than just providing your skin with color. All of the bases of the colors have been formulated with care, and with special ingredients that will benefit your skin!

When you walk into a Lush shop, there is a wheel of color, and you get a color reading. It's an experience you have to have yourself, so I will not say any more about the reading!

Eyes Right is a mascara!! It is made with wheatgrass, so it is hydrating your lashes. No one ever thinks of their eyelashes needing hydration, but they are hair, they need love too!

This mascara separates your lashes like no tomorrow, and I've not had it clump! 

The downfalls of the mascara are, the wand; which is too short, and that it's not water proof.

Even though it's not waterproof, I've cried twice while wearing it, on two different occasions, and it didn't smear or run. But, I also wasn't hysterical or wiping my lashes! 

I also was in a hot place and was sweating, and I didn't have any mascara transfer onto my skin. 

The formula does smell like wheatgrass, but you can only smell it, if you smell the wand [I was curious so I smelled it! Weird, I know] 

After wearing this, my lashes feel so soft, and I feel like it really does make a difference after time!

I'm editing this post right now, because I realized I never put the price of this bad boy!! It's $18.95!! Not bad at all! 

I decided this is going to be a little series, because there are a lot of products from this range, and I want to give each one a spotlight. So, look out for a few more posts!! 

Have any of you tried out this range yet??


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