Friday, July 27, 2012

LUSH Emotional Brilliance; Independent

As promised, this is a continuation of my collection of the Emotional Brilliance line from Lush!! 

Using this line, had made me come out of my comfort zone. Not only, do I want to wear the emotions that were in my readings to try and remind me of my strength/weakness, or something I'm longing for, but the colors are so beautiful, and you can do ANYTHING with them!! 

This next piece of the line, is no exception!!

Today, I'm bringing you Independent!

A little 'Believe' got on the tag while in my makeup bag [oops!]

As you can see, the wand is a liquid liner tip!! The only reason this is a liner, is because it sets almost instantly, so if you were to use this as an eyeshadow, you would have to act fast!!

If you are familiar with Lush's hair products, King of the Mods styling gel, in particular, the base of that styling gel is the base for this eye liner! [don't worry, they made it safe for eyes] 
That being said, it's amazing that when it's on your eyes, it's not sticky at all!! 

I tried this out with and without a primer, it defiantly stayed all day with Too Face Shadow Insurance Primer. 
Without the primer, it started to flake off about halfway through the day. 

Keep in mind, I do have really oily eyelids. 

I usually never wear liquid liner because I never could get a straight line, and I thought it looked bad on me. But, I was feeling like I needed a little Independence in my life, and just went for it! 

This is how it turned out!
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Independent is $22.95!
[You do get a whole lot, and a little goes a long way!!]

I'm not sure if I wrote this in my last post, but this whole line is Vegan friendly, and as always not tested on animals in any way!!

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