Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School Fashion; Teal Dress

I'm so sorry everyone! I've been MIA from this lovely place [my blog], but If you missed me, I uploaded some videos on my YouTube channel!! YouTube; HelloBeautifulJM

The time is almost here, when the grade school people are waking up early to catch the bus, while the grass is still dewy, and the college people are trying to find the latest parties, and spending long nights cramming in the library. [Now how I spent my college times! But, a lot of people do!]

I decided, I would hop on the "Back to School" band wagon and give you all ideas!

 If you saw my Forever 21 Haul on my YouTube channel, then you might have seen this dress!! I'm seriously in love with it, and I wanted to share it with the world!!

Basically, going back to school, at first it's warm, and then it starts to cool down. Since I love the cold weather, I planned this outfit for the more cooler times. But! You can wear this however you want!

I paired the dress with a cardigan from Target, it is a long sleeve cardigan, but I rolled the sleeves up. I also put a black braided thin belt along my natural waist, and I have on black tights underneath. 

If you don't like tights, and you're more of a leggings girl, here is what that option looks like! 
[I couldn't find this dress online anymore, but I have found it in stores lately!]

I also put this necklace on, which is also from Forever 21! 

I paired both the tights and leggings options with these flats from Brash, which I found at Payless! 
[They are super comfortable for my wide feet, and super durable!]

I decided simple was better for the face, so I wore these post earrings, which I made! 

My makeup; 
I lined my upper lash line, and did a slight cat eye. 
[Lush, 'Independent']
Lined my lower lash line slightly.
[Maybelline gel liner]
A natural dusty rose color for my cheeks.
[Lush, 'Perspective']
Moisturizing lip butter! 
[Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate]

For my hair, I twisted the front pieces and bobby pinned them back.

That is my first Back to School post!! I hope you all liked it! 
Tell me in the comments below what you thought, and other things you would like to see! 
If you want makeup tutorials, that will be on my YouTube channel! 


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