Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soap and Glory Scrub'em and Leave'em Body Buff Review

Oh hi there!! 

A while back, I did a beauty swap with Kristina at be-you-tiful beauty blog and one of the brands I really wanted to try was Soap and Glory, since at the time I've only used their Hand Food! 

She sent me two Soap and Glory products, and the Scrub'em and Leave'em Body Buff was one of them!

My initial thoughts on this product was "Oh wow, it's pink!"

I used it all up, but you can see a little that is left in the pot. 

I took a picture of the ingredients just in case anyone was curious? [I was in a picture taking mood!]

The only downside to this product was the smell. I really hated it. It smelled so strongly of salon chemicals, I literally wanted to just toss it [but that would be a waste, so I used it!]

It scrubbed nicely, but I would never wish this on my worst enemy, just because of the smell! I am one of those people who walk into a salon, and try not to take deep breaths. 

I am really interested in trying the Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory though! It seems like it would smell a lot yummier, and scrub nicely! 

I hope it'll come into Sephora. [fingers crossed]

What's your favorite body scrub??
Mine is Ocean Salt from LUSH!


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