Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

If you have been keeping up with my recently, and saw my Everday Makeup Routine video [if not, I linked it for you!]
You would have seen that I love these Maybelline Color Tattoos!!
But, how to they match up to everyone's beloved MAC Paint Pots?! 
Do they really last 24 hours?!
The one on the left is "Bad to the Bronze", and the one on the right is "Barely Beige"
[I also have Tough as Taupe, but I forgot about it when I took the picture!]

The packaging claims they last 24 hours, but I will lay that to rest right now. They do not last 24 hours on me, even with a primer underneath. But do they last a whole work day [8ish hours] and maybe a little more?? YES! 

The formulation is very creamy, and easy to work with, especially for anyone who isn't as skilled with a brush and powder eyeshadows. These can be used as a base, or alone for a simple look, just like I did here!!

For me, I still have to use a primer before wearing these, even as a base. I don't know if it's because my eyelids are just too oily, or these crease easily. 

Compared to the MAC Paint Pots, these have more of a oily consistency, than the Paint Pots which feel more creamy, and almost seem to set like a powder. 

I think Maybelline was really smart to release this range to compete with MAC, and give people who can't afford MAC, an option!! 

I do have to say, I love these, and when I wear them people always compliment me! I always apply these with my fingers, because I found that's the easiest way for me. 

These retail for $6.99 each [in most stores, prices may vary]

They also have an amazing color range!! These are without a doubt something to check out next time you are looking at low end/drugstore makeup!!

I'm always looking for a good primer to wear under my shadows, I usually use Too Faced Shadow Insurance. What primer is your holy grail??

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