Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner Review

I literally was editing a video for some of my Halloween costume tutorials I filmed, and as I render the clips, I watch YouTube videos to pass the time, and I stumbled upon a video by Kandee Johnson, [I'm sure most of you know her, but if you don't here is the link to her YouTube channel!] and the video just was so inspirational, I wanted to be more committed to blogging and my YouTube channel!! 

Even though I'm in the process of moving 9 hours away to a different state, I'm planning on scheduling content to be posted, even when I'm traveling and packing!! 

Here is a review of Maybelline's Master Drama Eyeliner!!

I realized that I didn't have any brown eyeliners, if I wanted to soften up my eyeliner, I would have to use a brown eyeshadow, and if I'm doing my makeup in the car [which I do often, BUT! I'm in the passengers seat!!!!] I don't want to deal with everything that comes with that.

So, I went to CVS [a drugstore] a saw this eyeliner. When I wear black eyeliner, I wear a black Maybelline gel liner, that comes in a pot [the name escapes me!]
But, the point is, I like that gel liner, and I thought this one would be awesome too.

It's a twist up liner, because I can't explain how much I dislike pencil liners! I don't like having to sharpen the pencil every time you misplaced your sharpener, and I get  scratched by the sharp part that my sharpener missed!

The liner glides on really well, it's a really soft formulation, and the pigmentation is really good too!!

Staying power, I really cannot report on that, solely for the fact that after 5 minutes of liner my water line with this eyeliner, I literally couldn't see. I'm a contact lens wearer [I have been for 10 years now!] and I guess a little of this liner got onto my contact and smudged very, very badly, to the point where my vision was completely blurred. 

When I wear the gel liner, a know some of it gets on my contact sometimes, but I never see a difference in my vision.

After my vision was blurred, I remembered I've tried another twist up liner from Maybelline a few years ago, and the same thing happened. I swore to never buy another liner like that from Maybelline...and here I am =] 

I also tried to put rewetting drops in my eyes to maybe clean my contacts off, but it doesn't work!

Verdict; The product is nice, but if you are a contact wearer, and plan to use this on your waterline, it probably isn't the best thing if you value your vision!! I will not be buying this or another twist liner from Maybelline [you have my word this time!]

What's your favorite eyeliners??
I'm always in the market for new ones!

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