Friday, November 30, 2012

Starlooks November Starbox!

Hi there everyone!!

I recently received Starlooks November Starbox to share my thoughts with you all!! 

I didn't really hear much about this monthly subscription service, which intrigued me even more! So, I looked into it more, and they send out a monthly box filled with their own products. If you've heard of Birchbox,Glossy Box, Beauty Army, etc. Then you know that those subscriptions give you samples, and occasionally, a full size! 

Starlooks sends their own beauty products in the box, 3-4 items every time! Each product is also full size! 

When I received the box, I was so excited, because if I didn't like trying out different brands of makeup, this blog and my YouTube channel would be very boring, and very one sided. 

I opened the box and this is what I saw! 

For their November box, they asked all the subscribers their skin tone, because they were sending out some face makeup, and didn't want to send them a shade that they aren't going to wear! Since they were sending this to me free, they wanted to make sure they had enough shades for their paid subscribers, so I received what they call a "neutral" box. 

If you ask my thoughts about that, I am honestly perfectly fine with that! I'll tell you why! If they were to send me a shade that doesn't match me, I wouldn't use it, and it would just be sitting around, and I would feel guilty that someone who paid for this box, and is looking forward to their Starbox [because who wouldn't!] wouldn't get their shade, because they ran out. Also, neutral shades, I can't have enough of! 

So, I received an eyeshadow quad, of all neutral colors, and the eyeshadows can be popped out and others in your collection can be put in it's place! A Tendergloss Lipstick which is also in a neutral shade.

[RT to LT] Hint of Rust, Midnight in Mongolia
[RT to LT] Coffee Bean, Void Echo

[RT to LT] Midnight to Mongolia, Hint of Rust, Void Echo, Coffee Bean

The shade of the Tendergloss Lipstick is called Cream Caramel, I'm not a fan of nude lipsticks, but I am defiantly going to get my hands on another shade! Possibly a nice berry shade! 

Right swatch after 2 swipes, Left swatch after a few swipes to build up color

The verdict;
I absolutely love their eyeshadow formulation!
I think they are very similar to MAC eyeshadows just going by the way they feel and wear. The formulation of the Tendergloss Lipstick, is amazingly moisturizing, and glossy. 

This Mascara guard to keep your mascara from ruining your eyeshadow, is something I've never seen before, so I'm still trying to perfect the skill with it! It's a little weird I'll admit! 

Tendergloss Lipstick $11.00
Eyeshadows [palettes] $15-$30
= well worth the $15 for the subscription each month! 

Checkout their website, and you can even check out their past Starboxes! 

Also, each Starbox comes with one or more of these crystals! 

I'm looking forward to receiving the December box, and share it with you all! It'll be very very exciting! 

Disclaimer; This box was sent to me free of charge, in return for my honest review. 

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