Monday, December 17, 2012

Beauty Box 5

Hi Everyone!!

It's almost time for the holidays!

I feel like it already is for me, because I keep receiving packages in my mail!

This one comes from Beauty Box 5.

So, when I opened the box this is what I saw!

With Beauty Box Five, you receive 4 to 5 beauty samples in your box each month, and they can be from skin care, to fragrances, to makeup!

The sample sizes are more deluxe samples, but there are sometimes when you get a true once or twice use sample.

I was immediately drawn to the lip product! [I've been really into lips this month!]

It's from h.wood.lips and it's this beautiful rose color, and go figure the color is called Rose.

It's one of their lip shines, which means it's a moisturizing lip color!

Then, I went right to the blush from Everyday Minerals. This is a powder blush, and it's in the color Girl Friday.

The blush wouldn't swatch very well on my camera =[ 
The moisturizer was getting a little antsy, so that was next! It's from Evie Evan, and when I put a little on my hand, I instantly knew what it smelled like to me, but just to make sure I had my boyfriend smell it, and he agreed that it smelled like my Grandmothers house! Which it means it smells kind of musty, and like Aquanet hairspray, mixed with some sort of stale outdated rose perfume, and a touch of Ivory soap.

But, their website says that it's a smart moisturizer that caters to the skins needs, so it knows how much moisture to give to your exact skin type.

The Lash Card was next, and this made me laugh a bit, because if you read my Starbox review from Starlooks, you know that they also sent a mascara guard! The Lash Card can help you with applying your eyeliner to make a nice clean cat eye, or help you get a cut crease with eyeshadow, or just simply help you from ruining your eyeshadow with messy mascara application!!

Last but not least, Blum Naturals Pro Age face towelettes. I always stay away from face wipes, because they always break me out! But, I have read up on this brand, and this type of their towelettes; which is the organic grape seed, pro age.

After doing my research, I feel a little better about using them, because I saw what ingredients were used, and these could be the face wipes to change my view!

That was my first Beauty Box 5, and I have to say I was impressed! I was a subscriber to Birchbox before, and my first box I wasn't even impressed with. I like the brands associated with Beauty Box Five, and I think they are by far a better value.

Let's add up how much this box is worth!
h.wood.lips Lip Shine- $16.00 [Full size!]
Everyday Minerals Blush- $6.99 [For the mini I had!]
Blum Pro Age Towelettes- $7.49 for 40 Towelettes
Evie Evan Moisture Cream- $13.00 [This was also full size! It's like you bought the moisturizer and everything else was free!!]
Lash Card- $6.99 for 10 cards

I'm not going to add up the sample size things, because that's just cheating.

This box is worth $25.99!! 

Beauty Box 5 has their monthly subscription for only $12! Here is their link to look at all of the options to get a box! Beauty Box 5

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