Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo | Inked in Pink

Hi everyone! 

I feel like ever since the Maybelline Color Tattoos came out, everyone has been loving them! Especially because when I go to get my hands on a certain one, it's sold out! 

I love that they are constantly releasing new colors, and my favorite out of the newest release is Inked in Pink! 

In this swatch it looks a tad like copper, but it's not. I love putting a pigment on top to make the pink pop a little more! 

If you've never used these little gems before, they are extremely creamy, and can be blended easily! They are very comparable to the MAC paint pots, and are amazing either on their on as a cream eyeshadow, or as a base to enhance eye shadows! 

Each pot is about $8.99, but the prices vary! 

Here's an example! This was a picture that I took as a thumbnail for a video, so that's why I am holding a Starlooks Starbox! But, I used Inked in Pink as a base for the pink, and then a L'Oreal HIP pigment on top.

Which eyeshadow bases do you love the most?
Let me know!

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