Monday, April 1, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips | Melon Mania & Coral Crush

All of the makeup brands out there are coming out with spring and summer collections, and I'm loving little bits of each! 
As most of you know from my past posts, I love lip balm, lip butters, and sheer lip colors. So, the Mabelline Baby Lips are right up my alley! 

Here are two of the new colors they released!

It seems like every time spring and summer roll around, coral is the "it" color to wear! Me being pale and all, I have to be careful of orange tones, so I decided to try this one out! 
Coral Crush
This smells very much like citrus, and the color payoff was more than I expected, and I wasn't a fan of how it looked on me. But, I'll get some use out of it by layering other colors on top! 

The other color is more in my comfort zone, and knew that I would love it! 
Melon Mania
To me this doesn't smell like melon, it smells like Jasmine plus a little hint of fruit. I don't know why! 
Anyway, this doesn't have much color payoff on my lips, because my lips are naturally really pigmented, but it does enhance the color [almost evening out the color]. 

Do you still love the Maybelline Baby Lips craze? Or are you over it?

Let me know! 

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