Saturday, March 29, 2014

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Kit | Very Swatch Heavy!

I have never been more excited to post about something!!!!

I basically explain the whole story in my video that I posted on my YouTube Channel on how I found this, and how it was a task in it's own, so you can watch that here! HelloBeautifulJM YouTube Channel [ ]

But, I have the kit now, and it is AMAZING!

All of the Divergent Cosmetics kits that they released are only available at Sephora, but I'm sure different brands will have their own products they release for the movie as well.

WARNING: This post is very swatch heavy! Enjoy =]

  The box itself was a lot bigger than I expected, but I enjoy that! This is the box compared to the size of a hardcover book.

Both of the ends on the brush are really soft. The only downside to a duel ended brush is, I can't keep it with my other brushes, because one end would end up being crushed. 

Obscure Coral is very similar to NARS' Orgasm, and Misty Rose is very similar to NYX Dusty Rose Blush. [swatched without primer or foundation]

This is the palette that I initially feel in love with at Sephora. The Peaceful Shimmer and Humble Sheen shades were calling out to me! Radiant Initiation is matte. [swatched without a primer]

Diverge is the only shade out of the glitters that really has color payoff.
Dauntless Ink is a matte black and Serene Vanilla is matte as well! 
[swatched without a primer]

 Bold Espresso and Altruistic are matte. 
[swatched without a primer]

My favorite combination is wearing Natural Virtue and then Fear Not on top! It becomes a very neutral berry color. 
[swatched without a primer]

You can change out the glitter shades on the end if you wanted to carry a palette with you. Just like you can choose which faction you are going to be in. The only difference is, with the makeup you can change again, and change back. In the book series, you can't change your faction choice, and you can't go back. 

For my eyes this day, I used Choose all over the lid, and Bold Espresso for the outer corner and through the crease. I also used Humble Sheen for the inner corner, and a little of Serene Vanilla to make it pop more with white! 
Misty Rose for my blush
Natural Virtue and Fear Not on my lips.

For the rest of my face;
LUSH Colour Supplement in Light Yellow
LUSH Eyes Right Mascara
Makeup Forever Aqua Black Eyeliner

Do any of you have this kit? I want to hear your thoughts! Also, what are your thoughts on the movie?!
I personally loved it!!

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