Thursday, October 2, 2014

Instagram Memory Lane!

Do any of you just take a look through your Instagram profiles and just look through your memories? 

I find myself doing that often! To look through the memories, and to also see what others perceptions of me are through my pictures. I thought I would take a walk down memory lane, and bring you along! 

I won't go through all of them but just some really special ones

This one was taken a little over a year ago when Jason and I first adopted our dog Amelia Pond [Doctor Who anyone?] . This was her first bath that we had given her, and she took it like a champ!! I think it's pretty understandable why this is my most liked picture to date! 

This one is only 6 months old, but it's another near and dear to my heart picture because this was the day that Jason and I got engaged! You probably won't be seeing too many wedding posts in the near future because we are thinking about having the wedding in about 2 years. We've already been together for 6 years, so two more years won't be too long! 

Caesar, the Bearded Dragon that lived with us in New Jersey, and braved the trip with us to move to Maine! Sadly last winter was too cold for this little guy, and he did not make it through. Everyone loved him, and his personality. 
How can you resist a reptile in a tank?! 

There is a little snippet of my trip down Instagram memory lane! 

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