Friday, October 3, 2014

NuMe Hair Styling Wishlist!

I just wanted to share something I've been lusting over for the past few days!

You can click the picture to check it out on their website! 

I am always so lazy with my hair because when I work I always have it up. But, look at this set! It has everything! You can achieve any look with this, you can have loose flowing curls, nice waves, tighter curls...really, ANYTHING! 

Plus, I REALLY love the blue straightener. NuMe has other colors it comes in, but Blue always call to me. 

I know what I'm going after with my next paycheck. This Set is $200, however it is seriously worth it, you wouldn't have to buy any other hair tools EVER! (You may have to buy a hair dryer... BUT THAT'S ALL!) 

Let me know what color you're lusting over! If you've used these before, show me on Instagram! @Jessie_Mariem 

Use "numefall50" for 50% Off Plus Free Shipping on Styling Tools, Hair Care Products and Accessories (Excluding Steals & Deals) You can get 50% off ANY Wand or tool!!!!!! 

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