Friday, July 10, 2015

Be Who You Are -- Be Body Positive

I was never body positive until I moved away from my family, into a new state, and started a life for myself.

Growing up, I was never really told why I couldn't have certain foods -- which made me want them more. 

I grew up always being told by every doctor I was obese, and had to lose weight -- again, not really knowing how. It was like I was supposed to know something that everyone already knew, and was supposed to just do it -- It was that easy.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Starting over.

I am starting my whole blogging and logging hobby over!! So, how does every introduction go...


My name is Jessie and Mariem is my middle name. It is a mash up of my two grandmothers names, Marie and Emma, pronounced Mari-Em.

I was born and raised in New Jersey and now living in Maine with my Fiancé.

I call this and my YouTube channel a hobby because I do have a big girl career, and I do not rely on these platforms for income!

I also love to make jewelry! I do have an Etsy shop {click on that to visit my shop!} and I also consider that a hobby!!

Before, this blog was all about beauty, where I would do reviews, hauls, tutorials, and everything you see a beauty blogger/guru do.

Now, I want this space to be a little different. Along with all of the previous content, I will also be including some lifestyle things. That may be recipes, a day in the life post or vlog, motivational people or things that get me in the right mind set, and everything very body and people positive!

I hope that you all hop on this journey with me in starting over. See you in the next post!