Friday, July 10, 2015

Be Who You Are -- Be Body Positive

I was never body positive until I moved away from my family, into a new state, and started a life for myself.

Growing up, I was never really told why I couldn't have certain foods -- which made me want them more. 

I grew up always being told by every doctor I was obese, and had to lose weight -- again, not really knowing how. It was like I was supposed to know something that everyone already knew, and was supposed to just do it -- It was that easy.

Do you like my scarecrow friend? 

I'm not an expert or anything, but I believe if you are healthy and happy that is all that matters. Now listen, it took me until I was 25 years old to really start to believe I was fine the way I am/was and I did not need to change for anyone. 

Me! June 2015

I've found clothes that fit my body and accentuate the right places. The picture above was the first time in my adult life that I went out in public with my family without anything covering my arms or legs. 

Moving away I realized I didn't really mind what strangers thought, but it was what my family thought that really terrified me and made me second guess my confidence. That is simply because growing up I was always told I wasn't good enough, I should do more push ups because my arms were too big, my moles were too big and needed to get checked out, etc. 

I've been told to my face by customers who visited my work "You know, you're pretty but you should lose a few pounds." All I could do was turn from the customer I was working with and politely say "Thank you. I have an under-active thyroid which basically makes my metabolism not work as well." She immediately backed off and apologized. Why she said it in the first place...I'll never know. There have been other occasions where I would be walking in the mall and I will hear people snicker or say little things under their breath, but because I don't know them and they don't know me, I don't bother caring. 

Moral of this story is, if you have your health under control, live your life! You do not have to live every day killing yourself trying to get into that size you have always been dreaming of. Truth is, your body might not have been made to achieve that. Find clothes that really flatter YOU and try your best to not talk down to yourself. You have to love yourself first, and once you do that life will get easier. 

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